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Build your own dock iPad Lego

Time has no control over the LEGO continue to play children (larger or smaller ;-)) from generation to generation.
Long ago that we had not presented a dock based on Lego like we showed you in this post .
Today, we therefore suggest that you build your own from your collection or buy the dedicated pack:
It should be noted first that the dock we will talk matches the port Lightning .
This dock Lego consists of 79 pieces to assemble.
You can place a mini iPad or iPad without difficulty.
Small rubber bumpers were also incorporated to prevent scratching your iPad.
Nothing has been forgotten since documentation in photos is offered to mount yours .

If you do not have the necessary documents, know that the complete package is priced at £ 19.95 on the site TheDailyBrick .
What do you think? It makes you want to break out your Lego? ;-)
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Rokshield V3 mini iPad: A shell foolproof for your iPad mini (video)

The more compact size and lighter weight of the iPad mini make it a tool that we will easily carry anywhere.
Obviously, there will also be more prone to attacks from the outside world and give it a protective shell will not always be a luxury.
A rather effective solution may be to protect it with the last shell Rockform  : The Rokshield V3 mini iPad.
Discovery in images and video:
Rokform has revealed its new version of the Rokshield which proves robust and very protective shell.
The V3 is rubber and polycarbonate reinforced with a thickness that leaves little doubt about its protective nature.
This shell is also distinguished through its complete system installation because can be wall mounted using sticky pads or a metal cabinet via powerful integrated magnets.
It can also be mounted on the RMS sucker whether on cars or boats and a tripod adapter is the same part.
The hull is more proposed several colors to suit all tastes.
Small subset of the hull in video:
If you're not afraid to hide your iPad mini in a shell thick but very protective, know that Rokshield V3 is priced at $ 59 on the site of the props .
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The controller Bluetooth Duo Gamer iPhone and iPad Gameloft wire unveils photos before a complete test

test-review-duo-gamer-gamepad-ipad-iphone-1.jpgNow on iPhon.fr and VIPad.fr before presenting a complete test accessory, always long to realize, we offer a "first look" upon receipt through a gallery.
Today is a joystick Bluetooth wireless you'll discover every angle. It is specific since performed on behalf of Gameloft and is compatible with games from the French company exclusively.
It is accompanied by a handy stand to benefit from the wireless controller, put the iPad on a table in front of you, for example, or later, if he is connected to the TV with a video output cable or wirelessly via AirPlay and Apple TV.
Forward for the discovery images before a more complete test and our opinion on this controller Bluetooth iPad but also iPhone compatible  :
Pending the full review, here is the list of compatible games :
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Scosche splits the USB charger for your iPad

Passengers using several terminals cabbage like the iPad, theiPad Mini , the iPhone or the iPod Touch will surely appreciate this new.
Indeed, the prop Scosche offers a very useful accessory as it allows split the USB port of your charger to charge two devices at the same time.
Discovered in pictures:
If you frequently move by taking several iDevice, you are obliged to take as many devices as chargers, which reveals quite quickly cumbersome to mention the extra weight.
Scosche therefore proposes to split the USB charger with a small device will be positioned in a click on the charger supplied by Apple.
So you can charge your iPad and iPad mini or iPhone at the same time.
Certainly, it will always take more cables but they are still less bulky than chargers.
By cons, if you do carry one charger, go for the iPad because it is the only one to provide 10 Watts claimed by the Retina iPad.
If this nifty accessory interested you, know that he would soon be priced at £ 11.99 .
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10 supports iPad to take advantage of the tablet without holding at arm

Updated: added 5 supports the initial selection of five

Whether to enjoy the office next to the computer at home when watching a movie or to the kitchen to see a recipe, n is not always practical to hold the iPad at arm's length. For this, props redouble their imagination to offer support .
Here is a selection of 10 varied and good markets that were added to model our "virtual" shop  :
  • The Novodio FlexStand - Desktop Stand for web tablet - Apple iPad, Apple iPad 2
This product is a compact folding stand that supports iPad makes it easy to choose the viewing angle while being easily transportable.
It is priced at 17 € 05 in the media section here shop .

  • The tripod Twelve South Compass money
A small but stable tripod design neat and accompany you anywhere when folded.
It is priced at 74 € 64 in our selection here .

  • The Belkin Universal Support for tablets and smartphones
Use this iPad stand where you are. Folded, it is compact and easily transported. Set it according to the desired position: vertical or horizontal.
You'll find it at the price of 22 € 64 in our selection here .

  • The Ecostand Macally Protective Case + Stand for iPad Bamboo
A complete package with a rigid shell with ultra-thin support and adjustable magnetic holding bamboo.
You will find the price 25 € 58 from our store .

  • The Targus mini Stand for iPad Transparent
A basic and transparent stand for your iPad.
You will find the price 9 € 90 from our store .

  • The Tablet IPM-TAB1 stand
A lightweight folding stand with non-skid pads to keep the iPad well without the risk of scratching.
You'll find it at the price of € November 50 in our store .

  • The Just Mobile Deluxe UpStand
An aluminum classy for your iPad.
Inside at a price of 54 € 20 in our store .

  • The Griffin A-Frame stand Aluminium Grey
The aluminum frame is lightweight yet rugged and welcome your iPad with a case or not.
You'll find it at the price of € 24 October in our shop .

  • The Vantage Point iPad2 Basic Beanpad
This support allows you to position your iPad easily with many angles to easily find the best position for use.The ideal companion for your knees and rest on the couch.
You'll find it at the price of € 89 in our selection of materials .

  • Support Tablet Mate 701 foldable aluminum desktop stand
The support is solid aluminum with an adjustable foot for obtaining an angle which is 15 to 70 degrees.
You'll find it at the price of 21 € 99 in our store .
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New iPad and iPad mini keyboard from Logitech for: "Keyboard Folio" (video)

kfolio-1.jpgWell known for its keyboards including some for iPad, we alsotested a very attractive version here , Logitech today introduced its latest creation for the iPad and iPad mini.
Called Keyboard Folio , the accessory that integrates a keyboard end will also protect the iPad with a fabric covering.
With Folio Keyboard, Logitech wanted to combine the feel when typing on Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for protection for the entire tablet.
Keyboard side, the Keyboard Folio Bluetooth connects and brings the usual keyboard shortcuts. Side protection, it may awaken the iPad with a magnet system and maintain it in two different positions.
The hull protection Keybord Folio will be available next month for € 99.99 to € 79.99 iPad version for iPad mini version.
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iWorm: Support for iPad killer ...

It is well recognized that it is sometimes difficult to get a place on the already highly competitive market accessories for iPad .
Some will be looking to produce a truly original accessory if not unusual to stand out.
And the least we can say is that the iWorm a new project Kickstarter is a medium for original iPad to use the iPad hands-free, or nearly so.
Discovery in images and video:
The iPad is actually quite heavy and after a while, fatigue in the hands and arms felt.
Here is the iWorm that you can use with your iPad " hands-free "or nearly so.
Indeed, this support suspend your iPad with a flat rear panel to against-weight and retain the support that will be positioned at the front with both arms rigid foam memory to adjust the best according to your position.
Two foam balls covered with silicone will absorb the weight of the support and especially the iPad.
The project presentation video:
As one good old adage: The ridicule does not kill. ;-)
If iWorm interests you, you can help the project achieve its funding cut by pre-ordering yours at a price of $ 79 .
Lovers? You never know .... ;-)
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